With EF in Malta

„With languages, you are at home anywhere.“ – Edmund de Waal

Learning and perfecting a language is one of the great things while you travel. It’s the way to really learn about another country and culture and meet new people all around the world.

When I was in school I always struggled with English and other languages, it was the Travelling that finally helped me to improve my skills in an slow but constant way. But then came the moment where I wanted to reach the next level of grammar and vocabulary that you rarely need while going around the world and that was the moment I contacted EF Austria.

Going back to school and learning new stuff was so nice! Speaking with students who are on the same level and getting teached by people who are professionals is an amazing experience and improved my English in so many ways!

Why Malta?

Many of you know that I want to travel every country in the world, so of course Malta was a country that was still on my list. What I didn’t know when I booked my trip was that a few months later Toby would get a Job on the Island and we would move there for one year 🙈 well life always comes different as you think. So instead of Travelling around in the second week, after my English school, we were visiting flat after flat to find our perfect apartment at the beach.

Would I travel with EF again?

Any time! It was such an amazing experience of Travelling, learning and meeting new people. We had a rule that everyone had to speak English, so people from all nations came together and you could talk to everyone without any barriers. It was an absolutely enlightening experience!

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