Who is Travelling_vet?

A dreamer, a fighter, an asshole, „I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her“ to say it with Julis Roberts words.

No.. who am I? Well my name is Helga Olga Luise Meier, named after my two wonderful grandmothers who sadly passed away. I was born in a small town in Austria, on the 31st of May 1989, and with this birth my first description started when the doctors listened to my heart, I became

A Heart Patient

I was born with an aortic heart valve stenosis. After the first femoral catheter they decided to do another femoral catheter intervention where they used a balloon to expand my aortic valve. But the surgery failed and so I had a valve with an serious insufficiency. It became so bad that they decided to implant me a donor valve on the 4th June 1999, 4 days after my 10th birthday. I was undergoing an open heart surgery called „Ross“ surgery and they implanted a donated valve for my pulmonal valve and implanted my own pulmonal valve on the position of my aortic valve.

But well, I am not just a heart patient, I am so much more. After 12 years of school I decided to follow my heart and become what I always had dreamed of, I became

A Veterinarian

In 2007 I started studying at the University of Veterinary Medicine of Vienna, where I graduated in 2015. Yes, it took me a little bit longer but honestly, who cares?

During my studies I did a lot of Externships around the world, and during this long time of studying it happened when I was in Austria that I found this man. The man that turned my whole life around, who showed me how wonderful love can be and how easy loving can be. So I became

A Lover

Finding Toby was the best thing that ever happened to me. We met 2014 and I still can’t believe it but 2019 I became the wife of this wonderful violinist.

When I met Toby he told me that he wanted to move to Germany so I applied at a Job in Munich. In the end we both didn’t get the job but the clinic send a letter to my boss and he asked me to work for him so I became

A Bavarian

Living in a distance relationship is one of the toughest things I ever did, but you learn to appreciate the time together much much more. I used to play handball before I moved to Bavaria and I still play, but when I ruptured my Ligamentum Crucio the first time (I had 4 knee surgeries in the mean time) I couldn’t play handball for 6 months. That’s when I decided to go to Washington State for 1 month to do an externship. This was the moment I became

A Traveller

Since my trip to Washington State in 2011 I got addicted to travel whenever I have time and money! I changed my life to have enough money for travelling (How can I travel so much?) and I think this decision changed my entire life! My aim is it to visit every country in the world and help as many people and animals I can.

A Mom

The most exciting „job“ in my life will come soon! After getting married in May 2019 Toby and I are starting a family. After being dog parents since 10 years we will become the parents of our child in April 2020 and I can’t wait for this new life to start! I stopped working in August 2019 (as soon as I knew I was pregnant) and moved back home. I will be off work until April 2022 to care for my family. Toby is working in Malta until July 2020 and the Travelling Baby and I will follow as soon as it’s ready ♥️

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