How can I travel so much?

„How can you travel so much?“
I think this is one of the most frequently asked questions of people who meet me. And the answer isn’t that vets have a high income … there are many answers so let’s start.
– I have 43 days of holidays.
This is the best thing when you work ~80 hours a week and have a boss who appreciates that.
– I stopped shopping 2011.
I stopped shopping clothes and shoes and stuff. The only time I get weak is when I travel, so once or twice a year I buy a dress or shoes that I really like. All of my friends know that I don’t shop so they give me their old stuff – in fact on this trip the only clothes I bought by myself are my underwear and my bikini
– No hairdresser.
I just cut it myself.
– I cook.
During my travels and also at home I don’t go to restaurants very often. During my month in UC Davis I spend 40$ for food, I just ate potato soup every evening.
– No smoking.
– I drink alcohol just ~4 times a year.
– I don’t buy books.
My boyfriend always laughs because when we come into a place where they have a book shelter I get crazy. But after I read a book I leave it at the next shelter.
– I have a cheap flat (350€ everything included).
– I (mostly) travel cheap.
Most of the time I plan, or don’t plan everything by myself so I don’t need a travel agency. I stay in cheap hostels or I’m couchsurfing. Except when Toby and I celebrate our anniversaries. We don’t give us gifts, instead we travel together
During my studying I did a lot of externships outside of Europe and got scholarships
– I have a 17 years old car.
– I have a second hand camera.
– No Netflix.
– No TV.
– No glasses.
– Almost no make up.
– Work.
Of course now I have a job but I also worked a lot during my studies. I waitressed, I did night shifts, I cleaned our stables at home (big thanks to my aunt and my mom who always found work for me in our garden and our stables).
– plain furniture.
„Helga, don’t you want to buy some furniture? You could do so much with this flat!“ That was the first thing my best friend said when he visited me in Bavaria. „What for?“ In fact I almost spend no time in my flat. I always hear from friends „oh I have no money because I got a new flat.“ I moved 5 times in 2 years and spent almost no money.

So in fact I spend all my free time and most of my money on travelling.

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