Alamo Pintado Equine Clinic, California

2014 I came back to California to visit the amazing Alamo Pintado Equine Center. The friend from Washington State University was working there now but we nearly had no time to hang out together. But I also met another student from UC Davis again who was a vet now. I had travelled to New Zealand and Australia before and after this I would go to Hawaii to travel.

The Clinic

The clinic was amazing. It had a water trainer, an oxygen room, a c-bow, call out service and most important: amazing vets.

The Extern House

I think a special fact about doing an extern ship there is that students get money every week to buy food and other supplies, a thing that you rarely see in veterinary externships. Aaand of course the beautiful extern house to stay in.

What you do as Extern

I didn’t get my „own“ patients who I had to care for every day, instead the externs cared for all patients in the morning together.

My daily routine started with examine the patients and giving them their medication or treatments like changing the ice of a laminitis patient. After that I could either stay at the clinic and drive out with one of the vets to visit stables like the famous Monty Roberts Learning Center.

I saw many surgeries and intensive care treatments and also witnessed my first equine bith.

The first birth I ever witnessed

During the day I normally wasn’t involved in the treatments anymore but could watch everything the vets did.

Aqua Trainer
Surgery with C-Bow

One time when there was nothing else to do I was able to practice with the ultrasound.

Practicing with an ultrasound

There was also a foal station where they had a lot mares and foals

Foal patient

All in all it was a great place to learn! I was able to go for a run after my shift and walk to the little town in the free time and when there was an emergency at night, the vets would come and wake me up so I didnt miss it!

After an exhausting day

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