Donate a Postcard 💌

Some time ago I made a decision.

I concluded that what I have is enough and what I earn is enough.

I decided that every cent I was to earn on Instagram (with Donate a Postcard and my cooperations) would be used for my welfare work.

And you know what?

It feels good. I have a good job, I earn enough money to live the life I love and I am happy, every cent more is luxury, and guess what, luxury is not my aim. So thanks to everyone who helps me helping! Thanks for everyone who donates a Postcard 💌 thank youuuu for liking @Travelling_vet on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, reading my Blog and listening to our Podcast!! Travelling_vet and Donate a Postcard wouldn’t exist without you!!

Because of travelling_vet, more than 2000 animals got vaccinated against rabies in Tanzania!

How does it work? You choose an amount that you wanna donate and send it per Bank or per PayPal to my „Donate a Postcard“ Bank Account. When you transfer the money you type in one of the options „Travel“ (to get a postcard from my next trip) „Vienna“ or „Bavaria“ in the field „Reason of use“ together with your adress and I will send you a „Thank you“ Postcard. Every Cent of your money is used for my welfare work (Medications, bandages, etc.), no money is used for me or my flights.

Wanna donate a Postcard 💌

„Donate a Postcard“

IBAN: AT70 2022 7000 0004 0519


PayPal (takes away some %)

Wanna know what Donate a Postcard supported already?

Donate a Postcard: Donations and Projects

3 Kommentare zu „Donate a Postcard 💌

  1. Hallo Helga, finde toll wie sie als Tierärztin das machen! Reisen und dabei zum Teil auch armen Tieren zu helfen! Habe Ihnen im Dezember 100 € überweisen, hoffe das sie angekommen sind! Würde mich über eine Postkarte sehr freuen! 😊 meine Adresse: Gaby Heindl-Redl
    Großprielstr. 14
    3393 Matzleinsdorf

    Gefällt mir

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