Donate a Postcard 💌

Some time ago I made a decision.

I concluded that what I have is enough and what I earn is enough.

I decided that every cent I was to earn on Instagram (with Donate a Postcard and my cooperations) would be used for my welfare work.

And you know what?

It feels good. I have a good job, I earn enough money to live the life I love and I am happy, every cent more is luxury, and guess what, luxury is not my aim. So thanks to everyone who helps me helping! Thanks for everyone who donates a Postcard 💌 thank youuuu for liking @Travelling_vet on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, reading my Blog and listening to our Podcast!! Travelling_vet and Donate a Postcard wouldn’t exist without you!!

How does it work? You choose an amount that you wanna donate and send it per Bank or per PayPal to my „Donate a Postcard“ Bank Account. When you transfer the money you type in one of the options „Travel“ (to get a postcard from my next trip) „Vienna“ or „Bavaria“ in the field „Reason of use“ together with your adress and I will send you a „Thank you“ Postcard.

Wanna donate a Postcard 💌

„Donate a Postcard“

IBAN: AT70 2022 7000 0004 0519


PayPal (takes away some %)

Wanna know what Donate a Postcard supported already?

Donate a Postcard: Donations and Projects

4 Kommentare zu „Donate a Postcard 💌

  1. Hallo Helga, finde toll wie sie als Tierärztin das machen! Reisen und dabei zum Teil auch armen Tieren zu helfen! Habe Ihnen im Dezember 100 € überweisen, hoffe das sie angekommen sind! Würde mich über eine Postkarte sehr freuen! 😊 meine Adresse: Gaby Heindl-Redl
    Großprielstr. 14
    3393 Matzleinsdorf


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