Donate a Postcard: Donations and Projects

Donate a Postcard and Travelling Vet already supported amazing projects with its money.

Tenerife Horse Rescue

400€ for horse food.

Übergabe der Spende in Teneriffa

Peru Animals

500$ in form of medications and vaccinations in Peru Iquitos.

500$ for animals in Iquitos,


I met the organization “RISE Now” when I was volunteering in Haiti. They are a bunch of amazing people who help children around the world by building children playgrounds out of old tires. The brains of children who play, develop much better then children who don’t have the possibility to do this. They are more likely to get a job and even get a job in a higher position.

Volunteering with “Rise Now” in Haiti

“RISE Now is a non profit organization committed to bringing people together to take action in service of community and the environment and planting the seeds for others to do the same.”

Donation: 450€

The amount you need to built a playground

MAWO (Meru Animal Welfare Organization)

Two times I volunteered in Tanzania with MAWO and helped dogs and working animals. I bought rabies vaccinations for more than 4000 dogs and also anthelminthic, bandages, etc.

Donation: 1500€

for vaccinations and medications

Jane Goodall

One of my favorite projects, with the institute of my big idol Jane Goodall.

Donation: 1440€

the amount to plant 2400 trees

Four Paws | Vier Pfoten

An organization I appreciate since many many years is Vier Pfoten. 2019 I travelled with them to Romania to control the wild living horse population in the Danube Delta.

Donation: 500€

in form of medications

Bärenwald Arbesbach

The Bear wood Arbesbach cares for rescued bears that get a second chance after living in miserable conditions before.

They love watermelons so we bought some on our way there

Donation: 40€



A friend who works in Rwanda bought pigs and raises them. She built stables so people could care and raise their own pigs until they are big enough to eat them.

Donation: 170€

2 pigs + food, 2 stables

Bosnia Stray Dogs

During a castration project, at the place where Aana is from, the local stray dogs were supported with food.

Donation: 100€

Dog food


Our little daughter has her own forest already. On a platform called Treedom you can also plant a tree in her forest .

Donation: 70€

Travelling Babygirl Forest

Die Haarspender

Money isn’t the only thing you can donate. Die Haarspender makes wigs for children who lost their hair. To make a wig it takes 4 hair donations (at least 30cm) and 360€.

Donation: 30cm hair + 50€

Animal Kingdom Foundation

At the Travelling Vet New Years donation 2020/21 „Animal Kingdom Foundation“ received money to help dogs on the Philippines.

The followers decided how much I donated

Donation: 110€

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