The Wedding Project

The three most amazing days of our life (so far) are over, and we couldn´t have wished for more! We celebrated with our family and best friends and beside that: we were able to donate 3000€ because of our wonderful cooperation partners! Now it´s time to introduce them one more time!

Noni Mode



My dress was from the german Brand Noni Mode. Noni Mode produces dresses, tops and skirts in Boho style. The top was made in Italy, who has the only old looms who can produce this fine loce cloth.

You can order their products online or you visit the lovely store in Cologne, Germany.

Instagram: noni_mode






Deko – Denk



machs hübsch! (make it nice)!. Our partner for the decoration and the flowers was Julia, the lovely Woman of Deko Denk, with an amazing sense of style!

She came one day before the wedding and decorated everything, brought the flowers for the decoration and my hair and also did my bridal bouquet.

Instagram: deko_denk







One of the most important partners before and during the wedding was Sendmoments.

Our Invitations, the Wedding ABC, the guest book, the decoration cards, etc. sendmoments has it all! With an amazing team which helps you with every question and also the option of a proof reading, so everything will be perfect for your big day.

Instagram: sendmoments





Christian Holzinger Photographer



The amazing Christian Holzinger!

Sometimes you meet someone and you have no idea how important this person will be in your life one day. In my case I met this person 5 years ago in Hawaii in a hostel and we watched Conchita Wurst winning the Eurovision song contest with no clue that one day Christian would be my wedding photographer.

Christian showed an amazing amount of patience and skills during the wedding and the result is more than I could have ever wished for.

Instagram: christianholzinger.weddings

D1F1195-13-1(Christian is the guy beside Toby)


Keva at Work



Make up Artist and Hairdresser

I´ve never believed that someone would be able to make me feel and look like a beautiful bride one day, but this girl did it.


I think she is a magician.

Instagram: keva_at_work



Iasthai Original




Silversmith. Jewellery handmade by Nina in Lytham, England.  Nina has an amazing eye and style for details and made our lovely wedding rings.

As Toby and I can´t wear our rings at work, we wanted some pure and simple rings that would still fit to our love and Nina converted this into the perfect rings.

Instagram: iasthai.original








Our delicous vegan naked wedding cake and the ice cream was from the austrian brand Zuckero.

I am still in love with Toby and me on the cake, I think we will keep this sugar figures forever!

Instagram: zuckero_eis_cafe_torte





If you ever look for a photobox, Kruu is the best you can wish for! You can decide which pictures you want in which format, you have filters, you get them printed and on a digital device, you choose the design and the quality is absolutely perfect!

They have a hotline for questions where you can call them if you need any help.

Instagram: kruuofficial





The one who made sure that our videos have a good sound is Mikme! This little black recorder and mic is so small that you can have it with you at every event and it captures songs, speech and videos in studio-quality.


Can you find it on the pictures? It´s this little black box! Amazing isnt it?

Instagram: mikmeaudio



image1 (002)


Our vegan food was from the Austrian brand Vegini, who´re producing products out of peaproteins. Its absolutely delicious and easy to cook, even for people like me.

You can buy Vegini at: Billa, Spar (Euro, Inter, Gourmet), Merkur, Nah und Frisch, Veganladen daSein and online.





Lorenz Snackworld




Many poeple have a Candy Bar at their wedding, but not so many people have a Salty Bar! Everyone who follows me on Instagram knows how much I love crisps!

Rohscheiben are the only thing I regulary import from Austria to Bavaria and if you haven´t tried them by now, its definitely time!

Instragram: lorenz_snackworld_at






But of course we also had a Candy Bar and everyone went crazy about Heimatgut! Even people who don´t even like coconut absolutely loved it! 

Heimatgut is a german brand who are producing: vegan, organic and glutenfree.

Instagram: heimatgut


















On the 3rd day of our wedding we made a brunch with all of our friends and of course you can’t have a brunch without milk! In our case – vegan milk from my most favourite soja drink producer: Joya!


Joya uses austrian soy for their products, but if you are allergic to soy its not a problem at all because they have so many different drinks and products.

Instagram: joyaworld







Of course my long time partner Verival was also supporting us at the wedding because what is a good vegan milk without organic cereal?


Verival is also an austrian brand and all of their products are organic!

Instagram: verivalbio





Rauch Juice Bar




When you drink alcohol for 2 days, the best thing you can do to start the 3rd is with a smoothie! Rauch is an austrian brand who produced juices since 1919 and 7 years ago they founded the tasty Rauch Juice Bar!

Instagram: rauchjuicebar









Tinju Music



Our DJ for this amazing event was a friend called Matthias Eichhorn, who´s music made us party until 5am on the second day!

Instragram: tinjumusic



Zwettler Bier

4678957B-3063-4540-8B72-B5685A09B13E (002)



I think there is nothing more to say than thank you everyone for this amazing three days wedding, the best days of our life!

With the austrian beer Zwettler! The model is our amazing photographer Christian Holzinger!

Instagram: zwettlerbier

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