Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Happy 29th Birthday my Love


Iikka (Tobis best man), Matthias and Toby

Another Birthday weekend is over and we are back home, thinking of the last three days. It became a tradition to celebrate Tobis Birthday for three days in a cottage and I have to say I love this idea. We started in 2018, where we celebrated this special day in South Tyrol, followed by a cottage in Austria in 2019 with a biotope to swim and this year in 2020 we upgraded the stay to a house with a small lake in Czech. Okay the House was old and the lake was so green that I couldn’t see my legs when I was sitting on my surfboard, but it was great to cool down and swim as far as we wanted.

Tobys brother after a swim in the lake

The Little One

The greatest Upgrade this year was by far our little daughter. It never was so hard to help her falling a sleep, too amazing were the impressions she gained during the days and still we had a new milestone that made this trip even more amazing, she pooped into her potty ☀️ I know this sounds unspectacular for others but for us it was a highlight and another moment that make us believe that we make her pretty happy and a good parent job.

Our little one always sleeping beside me
Walking with the little one so she would sleep on the way home

The Place

It’s a little town called Vavrinec in Czechia and it’s good to know that their are 5 places with this name. So it’s the one close to Prague that you can find on Airbnb if you are looking for it.

View through our bedroom window
Breakfast with Verival 🌿

Birthday Bash 2021

For next year we are already looking through Airbnb to find a nice house at a lake that fits at least 20 people.

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